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Strategic advice with respect to a client company's positioning within its environment and to the effect of certain decisions on market and investor perception lies at the heart of every decision in a company's life cycle, the ultimate goal being the ongoing optimization of shareholder value. Our approach is holistic and our process dynamic, reflecting the constant changes occurring in the macroeconomic environment, the industry, and the stage at which the company is in its life cycle. We are, throughout this process, committed to proactively identifying the company's value drivers and providing our clients with sound strategic advice and innovative, efficient solutions to meet their needs and to assist them in the achievement of superior returns.

A typical transaction usually involves:

  • Screening:
    Prior to being accepted, an assignment is screened to determine whether we can provide value-added to the client and our comfort level with respect to successfully closing the transaction.

    In addressing these issues, a preliminary evaluation is conducted as to:

    the strength of the sponsor
    the depth and breadth of management
    industry size, trends, and prospects
    the client’s competitive positioning within such industry
    the client’s location and the various markets in which it operates
    potential transaction strengths and weakness

    Assuming a satisfactory preliminary evaluation, we then consider the client’s willingness and ability to provide us with the information necessary to complete thorough due diligence as well as the assignment’s direct or future revenue-generating potential in making a final decision as to whether to pursue the assignment.

  • Financial Due Diligence:
    Thorough due diligence is at the core of any assignment, encompassing due diligence on the industry in which the client operates, the client’s historical and prospective financial performance, its operations, and management.

    We work closely with the client to facilitate the process of obtaining the information required to complete such due diligence, including, where necessary, assisting the client in securing a reliable and credible market study. We then, in cooperation with the client, analyze the information and translate this analysis into a reliable assessment of the client’s prospects going forward. This feasibility assessment involves the development, with the client’s management, of detailed financial projections which are then used as the basis for valuing an entity, evaluating its debt capacity and, if applicable, structuring the requisite transaction.

  • Structuring:
    The structuring process involves financial, organizational, and legal structuring.

    The basis of this process is the evaluation of the various risks to the client and the proposed transaction, and identification of appropriate risk management measures to be structured, where possible, into the transaction.

    Risk Assessment
    • Macro-economic
    • Political
    • Regulatory, Fiscal, & Legal
    • Industry

    • Construction (Time & Cost)
    • Commercial
    • Operational & Management
    • Financial (Interest Rates, Leverage)

    The objective of the financial structuring process is to optimize the transaction's structure so as to optimize the value to the client and to provide prospective investors and lenders with products that meets their risk/return requirements.

    From the organizational and legal perspective, ProFinance works with leading legal advisors and fiscal experts to complete legal due diligence and optimize the fiscal and legal aspects of the entity’s and transaction’s structure so as to minimize the risks to the various parties associated with the transaction.

  • Transaction Execution:
    Transaction Execution involves the full range of activities involved in finalizing an equity or debt transaction, including:

    Preparing offering documentation
    Identifying and selecting investors/lenders
    Negotiating with investors/lenders and addressing their concerns
    Directing the legal documentation and funding process
    Establishing the funding mechanism and overseeing the funding process

    ProFinance works closely with the client throughout this process to assist the client in evaluating various offers, in addressing the concerns voiced by investors or lenders, and in restructuring the transaction, where necessary, to successfully close the transaction. Our independence allows us to shop for the best deal on behalf of our clients.

    We also manage the legal documentation process to ensure that the legal documentation appropriately reflects the business issues agreed to between the relevant parties and provides the client as well as investors and lenders with the necessary safeguards.

    The objective of the transaction execution phase is to assist the client in securing the necessary financing at the lowest cost possible, while providing investors and lenders with a well-structured product whose risks are clearly identified and whose returns are commensurate with such risks.

  • Follow-Up:
    Our involvement with a client rarely ends upon the closing of a transaction. Whether on a formal or informal basis, we continue to monitor the post-transaction performance of the entity. This enables us to assess the reliability of our financial projections and to keep up to date with our knowledge of the sector.

    When formalized, our involvement may extend to providing financial management oversight on behalf of investors or lenders, strategic advisory services, financial advisory/restructuring services, or a combination of these.