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ProFinance is a leading financial advisory group providing corporate finance and advisory services, primarily in the Middle East region, including the Levant, Gulf, and North Africa. We count among our client base leading institutions and investors in the Middle East market. We also have a strong network of relationships with financial institutions and multilateral agencies worldwide.

Our team comprises seasoned international investment bankers with experience gained in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Their track record includes corporate and project finance deals in the retail, hotel, real estate, restaurant, health care, education, manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, technology, infrastructure and utilities sectors.

The firm’s four principal lines of business are Financial Feasibilities and Valuations, Financial Structuring, Transaction Execution, and Financial Management. Within and across these lines of business, our capabilities extend across a wide range of origination, structuring, transaction execution, and financial management services.

Financial Feasibilities and Valuations:
ProFinance’s services in this area include Market Study Set Up and Monitoring; Financial Due Diligence; Financial Modeling and Projections; Strategic Financial Advisory; Feasibility Assessments; and Valuations.

Financial Structuring:
Our financial structuring capabilities encompass Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Joint Ventures; Recapitalizations and Financial Restructurings; Project & Structured Finance; Privatizations; Real Estate Portfolio and Property Sales & Purchases; Private Placements of Equity and Debt Securities, including hybrid securities; Islamic Products such as Mudaraba, Musharaka, Morabaha, Ijara, Salam, Istisna, and Quard-Hasan; and Initial Public Offerings.
Transaction Execution:
Our transaction execution services cover the full range of activities involved in securing necessary equity or debt funding, including Preparing Offering Documentation; Identifying and Selecting Investors/Lenders; Negotiating with Investors/Lenders; Directing Legal Due Diligence & Documentation; and Establishing and Overseeing the Funding Mechanism.

Financial Management:
Financial Management Services include Business Analytics; Financial Reporting Services; and Business Planning Services.