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Core Sectors of Expertise
Banking & Finance
Health Care
Real Estate
Technology, Media & Telecommunications

ProFinance provides a range of complementary corporate & project finance and advisory services catering to the needs of:

  • Established Companies
  • New Ventures and Projects
  • Investors seeking investment opportunities

Our four core lines of business cover a company's financial advisory needs throughout the various stages of its life cycle, from the feasibility assessment stage, through the structuring and execution of financing transactions, to financial management services in the post-transaction stage:

  • Financial Feasibilities and Valuations
  • Financial Structuring
  • Transaction Execution
  • Financial Management

Strategic advice with respect to a client company's positioning within its environment and to the effect of certain decisions on market and investor perception lies at the heart of every decision in a company's life cycle, the ultimate goal being the ongoing optimization of shareholder value. Our holistic approach to advising clients is targeted at helping executives identify hidden sources of value in each stage of the deal life cycle, so as to assist them in making the decisions needed to maximize shareholder value:

  • Identify key industry trends and value drivers
  • Analyze how the company is creating or destroying value
  • Determine company priorities and opportunities
  • Assess value impact of various opportunities
  • Assist management in identifying and implementing value-generating action plans
  • Advise in negotiation strategies with stakeholders/business partners
  • Advise clients in accessing, structuring, and negotiating required funding

Transaction-related assignments, that is, assignments involving some form of financial transaction, usually involve more than one of the above-mentioned lines of business, often combining Financial Feasibilities & Valuations, Financial Structuring, and Transaction Execution.