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Our transaction execution services cover the full range of activities involved in securing necessary equity or debt funding, including:

  • Preparing Offering Documentation:
    Offering documentation is prepared in accordance with the highest international standards, with the objective of providing investors and/or lenders with full disclosure and a thorough understanding of the transaction at hand, including the associated risks and advantages. Investors and/or lenders are provided with a detailed analysis of the business, industry, management, financial situation, financial prospects, and transaction and legal structure related to the investment under consideration.

  • Identifying and Selecting Investors/Lenders:
    The first step in the process of identifying prospective investors or lenders is to understand the client's particular needs and risk / return appetite. Does the client want to keep majority? Would the client benefit from the presence of one or two strong strategic partners? Does the client prefer a geographically dispersed investor base to help promote the geographic expansion of the business? Would the presence of a large multilateral institution as a lead investor or lender strengthen the company's or transaction's prospects? Does the client have a problem working with a specific lender or investor? Is it the right timing for an IPO?

    Depending on the answers to these and other questions, we determine the target investor and/or lender profile and mix.
    Financial or Strategic
    Individual or Institutional
    Local, Regional, or International

    Based thereon, we set the transaction execution strategy, including whether to approach a large number of prospects at once or to pursue a staged transaction execution strategy.

    ProFinance then draws upon its extensive relationships with investors, lenders, and other financial institutions across the region and internationally in addition to multilateral institutions where applicable to provide the client with an investor or lender base that meets the client's criteria and will help it in achieving its objectives going forward.

  • Negotiating with Investors/Lenders and Addressing Their Concerns:

    ProFinance acts both on behalf of the client and in line with its fiduciary responsibility to investors and/or lenders to provide prospective investors/lenders with the information they require to complete their due diligence on a transaction. This process involves responding to investor/lender concerns, including providing clarifications to presented information and running requested financial sensitivities and scenarios.

    Our independence allows us to act on behalf of the client in evaluating the qualitative and quantitative aspects of received offers and in assisting the client in negotiations with prospective investors and / or lenders in order to obtain the best terms and conditions for the client.

  • Directing Legal Due Diligence & Documentation:
    ProFinance places the highest importance on its fiduciary responsibility to the client and to investors or lenders in a given transaction. Accordingly, it works closely with legal counsel to ensure that thorough due diligence is conducted on the transaction, and that all the legal risks associated with the transaction are clarified in a legal opinion.

    ProFinance also plays an active role in the legal documentation process. It directs legal counsel as to the business content to be covered and revises numerous drafts of the agreements to ensure that the final legal documentation reflects the agreement entered into between the various parties to the transaction, and that such parties are adequately protected by such legal documentation.

  • Establishing and Overseeing the Funding Mechanism:
    In order to protect investors' funds from mismanagement, investors funds are placed in an escrow account until fulfillment of all conditions precedent to funding that were agreed to in the transaction. ProFinance sets up the funding mechanism and escrow account on behalf of the investors at reputable financial institutions, and oversees the funding process in accordance with the agreed upon conditions.